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Advertise your brand with a difference

Advertising is the most variable tool of marketing in global business today. Advertising trends and scenarios keep on changing from time to time. In a commercial society, advertising has become a powerful and influential medium to popularize your brand or service in the market. Customary forms of advertising have been revamped and modern tools of advertising have observed a drastic change as at present.

Ample options for advertising are available for brand owners to promote their brand in the market. Some adopt home based advertising tools while some deploy their promotion campaign via outdoor tools. When it comes to outdoor advertising you have to adopt different tools and techniques which are important for your brand to have an upshot in the target market. In outdoor advertising you need to catch not only your audience’s eye but also their mind so they are influenced by your product.

Outdoor advertising has become a common tool for brand promotion for most of the brand owners and advertisers. With various technological innovations, a wide range of outdoor media vehicles have also been revamped. Digital signages have become a latest tool for outdoor advertising. Digital signage is usually a form of electronic display that shows an ad, information or any other message. LCD, LED, Plasma Displays or projected images come under the category of digital signages. These tools are mostly used in corporate building and retail stores. Digital signages provide striking impact upon the target audience with its colourful and interactive visual displays. Big and small outdoor advertisers at present deploy this tool of outdoor advertising as it creates a rich impression upon the target group.

Observing the current scenario one can easily cite that outdoor advertising has become a great tool for brand promotion. Imagine if outdoor ads were not there at all, moving out of home would be a boring experience for everyone. Outdoor advertising tools with its glitzy looks and styles offer ideal source for advertising your brand with a difference.

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Advertising, Marketing

How advertising practices have developed at present?

We live in an evolved era where advertising practices are not limited to a few options. Today, advertising opportunities are almost everywhere. Right from the kitchen to the company warehouse, advertising affects everyone’s life. Outdoor advertising or OOH advertising is one of the proven means of brand promotion used by a wide range of brand owners. OOH Advertising is also considered as one of the oldest means of brand promotion. However, this advertising medium is still in vogue as one of the effective modes to promote a brand through a larger than life approach and in a bold and bright manner.


Out of home advertising activities are focused on providing the brand message to consumers when they are ‘on the go’ in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). Outdoor advertising formats are of various types. Each format of Outdoor Advertising aims at providing a larger than life impact on customers about the brand.


OOH advertising practices provide rich impact on customers. Some proven tools of outdoor advertising exclusively used by outdoor advertisers include-


– Electronic kiosks

– Jukeboxes

– Backlit translits

– Ordinary and digital billboards

– Posters

– Sky-scrapers

– Transit media


Outdoor advertising as a mode of brand promotion requires a proper and planned budget as well as proper implementation of the same. Though this type of promotion is effective and result-oriented, advertisers should not neglect the fact that any OOH advertising campaign needs to be meticulously planned and worked out (suiting the promotion requirement of the brand).


At present, various corporate sectors employ outdoor advertising media to promote their brand amongst their target groups. Besides, OOH advertising practices are not limited to few avenues. Airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc. are various avenues of out of home brand promotion practices at present.

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